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The belfry of the town hall


One of the architectural symbols of the region Nord is the belfry. In Lille, the belfry is attached to the City hall and dominates the city by its height. With its typical architecture, it is the highest of the region Nord Pas de Calais.

Made in bricks, the material used at this time in the region, the belfry of Lille was unveiled in 1932. Symbolical watchtowers for the northern cities, the belfries were used to inform that the population had to be gathered.

The belfry of Lille is the heist of the region: with its 104m high, it dominates the town and it’s also the highest municipal building of France. It is equipped with a headlight that is not working anymore, but it stays a symbol to which the inhabitants of Lille are very linked with. It decorates the logo of the Conseil Régional since the beginning.

As it was built in 1932, the belfry is not 100 years old. Indeed, the old City hall, destroyed during the First World War, had to be rebuilt to reaffirm the status of the city.

The architect Emile Dubuisson was in charge of the building site construction. He created a whole composed of a massive city hall and a belfry exceptionally high and narrow. The rectangular front of the building reminds the Flemish homes and this Flemish culture which Lille is very linked to.

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