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Cathedral Notre-Dame de la Treille


Few persons know that, but the cathedral of Lille looks like no other. A mix between gothic traditions and contemporary art, Notre-Dame de la Treille is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. Famous for its rose, the cathedral greets every year on its square, the departure of a traditional procession.

At the 19th century, Lille was dreaming about building a sumptuous cathedral that would surpass the others, to shelter the saint Virgin’s statue, Notre-Dame de la Treille, patron saint of the town. The idea was good, and the beginning of the works in 1854 was promising. But the lack of means forced the workers to stop the building site and the cathedral was not finished.

In 1947, they made a provisory brick front that will be destroyed in 1990 to rebuild another definitive one, in a contemporary style very different from the rest of the cathedral. The building was completely achieved in 1999. Made with slabs that take the color orange with the sun, the front is over hanged by an original rose. Representing the death and the resurrection, the front is also decorated with surprising symbols like ufos, cosmonauts, the belfry of Lille or “E=mc2”.

The crypt also shelters the contemporary center of sacred art, which exhibits the ancient cathedral Way of the Cross.

Practical information :

Cathedral Notre-Dame de la Treille
Place Gilleson

Opening time:
10am to 12am – 2pm to 7pm
Every day except on Thursday: 10am to 7pm.

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