Tourism and disabilities in Lille Metropole

Lille metropole has engaged in years-long work, in order to make as many sites in the department as possible accessible to people with disabilities, as well as make our partners more aware to the problematic of handicaps.
Lille Metropole respects their commitments in terms of accessibility of buildings and transportation in order to improve the comfort of people with reduced mobility.

Actors of tourism and handicap in Lille Metropole support the national label “Tourism and disability”. Created in order to bring reliable information on the accessibility of sites and tourist facilities, this label takes every type of disability into account (motor, visual, hearing and mental impairment) in order to offer tourism adapted and well-integrated into the general offer.

The Lille Tourism Office offers guided tours every day on a minibus, accessible to people with reduced mobility. The accessibility map of Lille city centre and main buildings (theatres, museums, operas, cinemas, libraries, places of worship) is available in city halls and at the Tourism Office.

Moving about
Transpole takes on board people with reduced mobility and improves their travelling conditions. Metro and tramway platforms can be accessed with elevators – a feature also appreciated by pregnant women, and mothers with their buggies! For the visually-impaired, audio announcements on the metros and tramways allow them to know where they are.
Vehicles are accessible at ground level. About two thirds of all buses have low floors allowing better access to people with reduced mobility.

Most touristic areas of Lille Metropole are adapted to people with disabilities. Some places even offer specific activities in order to make their visit a more enriching experience.

Wandering about
All natural spaces have been organized by the General Council so as to allow people with disabilities to access them. Informations signs in Braille as well as wheelchair-friendly pathways are available. At the doors of metropolitan Lille, you will find La Voie Verte de la Plaine de la Scarpe (Scarpe Plains Greenway), a privileged site for strolls and the discovery of nature!

Useful information:
The useful information guide on the services for people with disabilities to live better in Lille Metropole is downloadable on the Lille Townhall website.


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